Caustic Realities

Blacker Than Pitch

you’re less than zero

deep down

in a hole

blacker than pitch


utterly nothing

less than nothing

utterly empty

lower than the worms

untouched by maggots

empty to the core

Perennial Disappointment

see the CD booklet

Poison Vol. 1

Toxic Nadir

walking bile duct spewing disaster

shit-heap of neurons and over-indulged instinct

scum-sucking bag of discardable flesh

a testament to misguided impulse

will has overridden the survival code

father to a genocide destiny

and delusions of progress

i’ll return this walking corpse to the earth

so ridden with toxin the worms will vomit

History of Ruin

Juggernaut of Truth

just one more hit

just one more hit




is a nightmare.

just one more hit

just one more hit

like a corpse

waiting to be buried.

like an animal

waiting to be culled.

just one more hit

just one more hit

and i can’t wake up.

i can’t wake up.

i can’t wake up.

i can’t wake up.

Blossoms of Shame

see the CD booklet

Sleep is Sadism

Sleep is Sadism

A waking dream

Or just paranoia

A straitjacket

To keep the pieces

Are these memories

Or unconscious truths

Behind my eyes

I wake up dead

Sleep is sadism

When visions hidden

Spin steel spider webs

Relic of Vanity

Vapor Slave

I stare until my vision blurs

I can’t shake away this memory

Not knowing

Never wanting to

This is your tragedy

Our tragedy

You’re the vapor slave

Grasping for illusions

Groping at the curtains

I’m watching your oblivion

I’ve never loved you so much

Porcelain white mask

Carved in ash

Pylons of Skin

Hang me by my collar bone

Pierce my breast to bleed me dry

Bones creak like an old house

A maze of torn tissue and dead veins

Old machine grinding gears

Lard to grease ruined clockwork

This furnace of triumph

Burning orange and brick red

Pillars of smoke

Pylons of skin

Waste deep in ash

Until the bitter end

Excess Takes Its Toll

Ready for the Harvest

The skin spreads

Like a rancid petal


Ready for the harvest

Your eyes bleed black

Ready for the harvest

I pray for months

The planting season

Red hunter’s moon

Blood across the secretion

My antithesis

Beckons to you

Lick your hands clean

Bleed your blood white

Statement of Intent

This is a declaration

This is a statement of intent

This is reciprocity

This is a preemptive strike

No longer will we idly watch

The culture of cancer grow

The time of acceptance

Can and will end

It’s time to cull the heard

The cleaver has been clean

Too long

The death winds blow again

The growth of these

Decadent societies

Ends now

Iron, steel and flame

Will cleave and burn

The dead flesh away

The time to kill is now

This is a declaration of war

This is a statement of intent

It’s Not There

There’s no way to get even

I don’t know enough

Ways to hurt you

I’m my own tormentor

You are my idol

But the alter is foul

One too many sacrifices

This alter is decaying

A bleeding orifice

Draining velvet fluids

Suck at this whore

Begging for love

Begging for milk

That isn’t there any more

Ruby Red

Constrict the heart rate

Increase the pace

Empty the vial

Snow and razorblades

Ruby red tears

On a porcelain face

A portrait of beauty

A relic of vanity

Always seeking

Desperately trying

Not to disappear

For an audience

That doesn’t really care

Skin Crawls Cold

This body is a totem

Carved, scarred and torn

This body is in constant repair

But never healed

This body was destined to fail

Because this soul was destined to rot

This heart was born broken

Pumping ice

This skin crawls cold

Slithering across the bone

These eyes are black

And these nights are endless

Obsession Is Suffocation

I loved you

In my own suffocating way

The Answer In The Ashes

The Leper Inside

Your portrait would look best

Painted on a broken mirror

Where your loathing starts

Where your razor ends

A broken frame for a septic life hangs

Against paint that cracks like your promises

You feed on your disease

Like a leper feeds on pity

The mark of the serpent

Yet you know nothing

Genetic Duplicity

In this room the walls are painted white

Flourescent ceiling, cool dull light

This is the stage

Surgical steel joined with pink skin

On the altar, her image is blessed

Genetic memory is remade

The external truth is opaque

Severed Fingers

You came to me in a dream

I was waiting with blade and hook

Lulled by the first embrace

I pierced your back

Gently I took your hand

And kissed each finger

Before I severed them

I hung you by the throat

To shine like a star above

Light pouring from your wounds

Black Sand

Slowly scraping across the black sand

Twisted bones of long dead life

And stone temples sour the horizon

The sky a smoldering ember

Stumbling through a waking dream

Without feet or fear to carry you further

The Coriolis storm at your heels

A mask of coals to protect your eyes

Against the merciless wrath of god

Raise the staff of divine blasphemy

And defy the false god of ancient men

Nyrkki ja Kyrpä II

Hidden In The Clay

Swallow it down

Does it make you proud

Do you smile

Savoring his seed

True love is dirt

Filthy, brown and cold

Dig deeper for her

Till your skin cracks

And your knuckles bleed

There’s a promise

Hidden in the clay

Suck it out

Savor it

There’s a piece of me

Inside of you

A part of me

You will never know


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