Decay Sequence. 2018. cassette

Repression. Antipatik Records. 201?. compact disc

Double Bind. Vanity Recordings. 201?. cassette



Perennial Disappointment.  Malignant Records. 10-6-16. compact disc

History Of Ruin. Trapdoor Tapes. ??-5-15. cassette

Blossoms Of Shame. Corrosive Art Records. 28-12-14. compact disc

CONCRETE VS UMPIO VS MASCARA. Obscurex, Terror. 5-10-13. compact disc

Excess Takes Its Toll. WOHRT RECORDS. 9-5-12. cassette

The Answer In The Ashes. Untergeschoss. 25-7-11. cassette


Lunar Hunger. Bacteria Field. 15-3-17. cassette

Caustic Realities. ANGST. 31-10-16. cassette

The Pursuit Of Hedonism In A Police State. Black Psychosis, Vanity Recordings. 6-3-14. cassette


Sleep Is Sadism. Self-released. 15-5-14. digital

Relic Of Vanity. Filth & Violence, Untergeschoss. 2-10-12. 7″

-live recordings.

Delusion Rituals. Black Psychosis, Vanity Recordings. 4-1-16. cassette

Dead In Philadelphia 12.2.11. Self-released. 17-7-12. digital

Dead In Helsinki 1.1.2011. Filth & Violence. 18-4-11. cassette


Art Of Deviance. Corrosive Art Records. 31-12-12. 2xcassette

A Rotten End. Self-released. 9-11-12. digital


Recrudescence. Kalpamantra, Malignant Records. 16-6-17. digital

-“Liquid Smoke”

The Echoing Black. Kalpamantra, Malignant Records. 24-7-16. digital

-“Tendrils of Smoke”

Poison Vol. 1. New Approach Records. ??-10-15. cassette

-“Toxic Nadir”

Acts Of Vengeance – UFoI II. Unrest Productions. 1-5-15. cassette


Untergeschoss Compilation Vol. 1. Untergeschoss. 18-11-12. cassette

-“Dead Weight”

Arachnid Claims Its Prey. Scrape Tapes. 16-7-12. 2xcassette

-“Club of the Dead”

Nyrkki ja Kyrpä II. Filth & Violence. ??-8-10. cassette

– “Hidden in the Clay”


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