Decay Sequence

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Out late summer on Unrest Productions, “Decay Sequence”.

If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?


Dead Dreams – Halo Of Shattered Teeth

jcard front w cats cut

Dead Dreams – Halo Of Shattered Teeth c39 – [VR-004] / [antpk.05]

“Now he became aware of an insidious, seeping, cooling-off which at some earlier and unremembered time had begun to explore him – investigating him as well as the world around him. It reminded him of their final minutes on Luna. The chill debased the surfaces of objects; it warped, expanded, showed itself as bulb-like swelling that sighed audibly and popped. Into the manifold open wounds the cold drifted, all the way down into the heart of things, the core which made them live. What he saw now seemed to be a desert of ice from which stark boulders jutted. A wind spewed across the plain which reality had become; the wind congealed into deeper ice, and the boulders disappeared for the most part. And darkness presented itself off the edges of his vision; he caught only a meager glimpse.” PKD

the recycled dead, bones and sinew re-purposed for new horror
pregnant murk, birthing inky black fingers to collect our buried shame
soot-covered industrial tones, dark ambient swells, looping ambient noise
maggots feed on dead dreams…

Antipatik Records and Vanity Recordings present, Dead Dreams, a new anonymous ambient industrial project from the US. two tracks 19.5 minutes a side. get low.

$8 postage paid in the US. wholesale available as well. contact perfectblue69 [at] hotmail [dot] com. European customers can contact Antipatik directly at antipatikrecords [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Walter Khan – From Nothing To Nothing

from nothing cover

Walter Khan – From Nothing To Nothing c56 – [VR-006]

born from nothing, going nowhere
in the ditch where they found you
on the slab where nothing grows
at the bottom where you belong
isolation urge triggered by contempt
annihilation of the self
your return to nothing
your failed escape from nothing
fifty minutes of fluid agony, sore throat, austere electronics
surgical electric pulses
impotent internal struggle

$8 postage paid in the US. wholesale available as well. contact perfectblue69 [at] hotmail [dot] com

out next: Dead Dreams – Halo Of Shattered Teeth c39 [VR-004], co-released with Antipatik Records

Caustic Realities


“Back with a vengeance. This infamous US devastation unit delivers 4 lethal new tracks, perfectly balanced between brain-bludgeoning, hateful PE and cruel brooding industrial tones. Destructive feelings, shallow impulses, bleak visions. Lurking danger.” – label description

Artist copies are available now. If you’re interested, get in touch at perfectblue69 [at] hotmail [dot] com