New Concrete Mascara 7″ – Relic of Vanity

“Official” announcement was made Monday via Untergeschoss.There will be a CM 7″ co-released on Untergeschoss and Filth & Violence in the coming months. The first CM release on vinyl!

Si Clark will be working with Mr. Bizarrevitunuproar¬†to create truly memorable artwork for the release. As for the music, it’s some of the fiercest CM material recorded, mastered by SS Offizier for extra punch.

More info to follow…



Arachnid Claims Its Prey – A Tribute to Atrax Morgue

Out now on Scrape Tapes. Visit Scrape Tapes for a copy.

20 artists including Concrete Mascara, Deterge, Content Nullity, ANTIchildLEAGUE and Theologian.

I won’t have artist copies for some time, so for now get it straight from Scape Tapes.