Neglected tropical disease. Worship the worms of your demise. Parasitic cure for the human cancer.

4 track EP from New Approach Records. Copies available directly from the label here. Artist copies available shortly. Contact perfectblue69 [at] hotmail [dot] com .


What Happens on the Road…

… always comes home.FC, JP, BG

Next month Vanity Recordings will release a double tape (c50/c40) and 28pg. zine set commemorating the 2019 Cooter / Concrete Mascara / Josh Peterson tour which set the Northeast USA ablaze with feeling and conjunctivitis. Allegedly. The release will include two live recordings from Concrete Mascara, a recording of Neurotic Force’s first, full-band live performance, the first (and only?) performance of The New Blocooters. Lock up your daughters, get your tetanus shots ready and bring the bandages. It’s going to be a mess…

Interested parties get in touch at perfectblue69 [at] hotmail [dot] com


Cooter/J.Peterson/C.M. Tour

what happens on the road always comes home…

6/14 – Albany, NY @ Pauly’s Hotel w/ Disgusting Sanctum (I believe)
6/15 – Johnson City, NY @ Avenue DIY w/ Obscenity Law
6/16 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Rock Room w/ Figure With Meat, Nicu Daruma (TBC), and Cancer Causes Rats
6/17 – Cleveland, OH @ DON’T GET HURT WE DON’T CARE w/ Rosebud, KBDARH, N. Janssen, and Liason
6/18 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The House Where I Died w/ TBA
6/19 – Chicago, IL @ Tritriangle w/ TBA
6/20 – Cincinnati, OH @ Museum of Modern Trash w/ Begravd and Material Body Dysfunction
6/22 – Richmond, VA @ Chicken Fiesta/Lovejail w/ Yohimbe, Xenojthz, Agonal Breathing, and Seeking Punishment
6/23 – Philly, PA @ Heaven’s Gate w/ Yureka Cash, Spiritual Recess
6/24 – NYC, NYC @ TBD w/ TBA
6/25 – Providence, RI @ Black Lace w/ TBA

be there or get fucked.



Remove the black veil that hides you from the world. Reality bites at your flesh like a remorseless hound. A lattice work of repressed emotions and hidden trauma smolders with impotent rage. Declawed and neutered by one another. Servile and scraping, begging to be bound, praying for punishment. A blind wriggling mass of bodies, devouring its host.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.” G.O.

Concrete Mascara return with a new album of moldering resentment, damaged electronics and strangled declarations of disease. Out now on Antipatik Records, available here.