Neglected tropical disease. Worship the worms of your demise. Parasitic cure for the human cancer.

4 track EP from New Approach Records. Copies available directly from the label here. Artist copies available shortly. Contact perfectblue69 [at] hotmail [dot] com .


No One Likes Us


Virgin Entrails will make its live debut at None One Likes Us, October 25, 2019 in Richmond, VA. Come out and support local and travelling noise degenerates.

What Happens on the Road…

… always comes home.FC, JP, BG

Next month Vanity Recordings will release a double tape (c50/c40) and 28pg. zine set commemorating the 2019 Cooter / Concrete Mascara / Josh Peterson tour which set the Northeast USA ablaze with feeling and conjunctivitis. Allegedly. The release will include two live recordings from Concrete Mascara, a recording of Neurotic Force’s first, full-band live performance, the first (and only?) performance of The New Blocooters. Lock up your daughters, get your tetanus shots ready and bring the bandages. It’s going to be a mess…

Interested parties get in touch at perfectblue69 [at] hotmail [dot] com


Cooter/J.Peterson/C.M. Tour

what happens on the road always comes home…

6/14 – Albany, NY @ Pauly’s Hotel w/ Disgusting Sanctum (I believe)
6/15 – Johnson City, NY @ Avenue DIY w/ Obscenity Law
6/16 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Rock Room w/ Figure With Meat, Nicu Daruma (TBC), and Cancer Causes Rats
6/17 – Cleveland, OH @ DON’T GET HURT WE DON’T CARE w/ Rosebud, KBDARH, N. Janssen, and Liason
6/18 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The House Where I Died w/ TBA
6/19 – Chicago, IL @ Tritriangle w/ TBA
6/20 – Cincinnati, OH @ Museum of Modern Trash w/ Begravd and Material Body Dysfunction
6/22 – Richmond, VA @ Chicken Fiesta/Lovejail w/ Yohimbe, Xenojthz, Agonal Breathing, and Seeking Punishment
6/23 – Philly, PA @ Heaven’s Gate w/ Yureka Cash, Spiritual Recess
6/24 – NYC, NYC @ TBD w/ TBA
6/25 – Providence, RI @ Black Lace w/ TBA

be there or get fucked.